Our Story

A very brief story of how we met(written by Paul)

We met in Kansas City, MO when Misty came to stay for the week during a Christian conference at a house I (Paul) was renting a room from. We had some mutual friends from YWAM (youth with a mission- the missionary organization we had both been involved in) so we had known about each other but had never met. I was shy and kind of aloof but we became friends not knowing that Misty would soon be moving there from Denver, CO were she had been working in an inner city ministry with abused and at risk moms and their children. 
Misty moved to Kansas City to go to a ministry school that summer after traveling Europe for six weeks, our friendship continued and we had a small group of friends we hung out with. Our friends however would often cancel or not be able to make it to something that we were all doing together and neglect to to tell us, so we often, by surprise ended up spending alot of time together, which was a very good thing because it gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better.
We both even got a job at the same place at the same time, not knowing we were both trying to get a job there! It seemed as if we were being drawn together in all circumstances. One day I went to a Starbucks I rarely ever went to and there she was! We ended up talking for hours!
Finally I mustered up the guts to tell her how felt about her (of course God had created a circumstance which forced me to take a look at my heart for her) and one night on January 16 2004 I kept her out in the cold rainy whether for way too long after a bible study while I got the courage to tell her " I think I love you! No I do love you!" The next night we went on our first date and nine months later we were married on Oct 9, 2004, making me Mr. Misty Lagod! (just kidding but really I am so blessed to be married to Misty she is far more than I ever could have hoped for or imagined!)

About Misty(by Paul)
Misty has a kindness and child likeness about her that is warm and inviting and is especially noticed by children. As long as I have known her I have seen children magnetically attracted to her. In a crowded room she is the one they are drawn to and feel safe and happy to be around her. It is really quite amazing, our friends often tell us that children are so well behaved and drawn to her, often remembering her name and mentioning her after she leaves. Misty's aunt and grandmother have both said that when Misty was a little girl there was always a baby on her hip or younger children nearby where ever she was.
Misty is beautiful and graceful with a smile that lights up the room. She is sensitive, discerning and full of wisdom. She can make you laugh, be a shoulder to cry and be serious when needed. She has a love of travel and other cultures. she has been to Mexico, Ukraine, (both of where she worked with orphans and children in need of care) England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and France (Spain was our honeymoon and France was romantic getaway together).
Misty has has had a heart for adoption as long as I've known her and long before that. She has worked in children ministries in Tennessee, Ukraine, Mexico and Colorado. She has always been a hit with the kids and soft place for those who are hurting to go to. After all I’ve seen and all I know of Misty, I have no doubt that she will be an amazing mother and that any child would be blessed to have her be their mom.

About Paul (From Misty)

Paul is a very kind and wise man. He is really good at playing the guitar & writing songs. I also love it when he makes his own creations in the kitchen because he is very creative in there, as well as with music. I often tell him he could have been a chef. He is always amazing me with all of the facts he knows, which works well with me & especially with children because he will have an answer to the many "why" what" who", etc etc questions. He is a relaxed guy who is fun to be around. He can be very serious when it comes to topics like counseling, theology, politics and things like that but he also has a silly side that especially comes out when he is playing with our dogs. I have seen him warm up and become more and more comfortable around kids over the past 8 years and they always seem to love him. I believe he is going to be an amazing father because he will love the child unconditionally as well as be a wonderful role model. He has strong convictions and is very trustworthy. He also cares deeply for others. Another thing about Paul is that he is good at teaching and explaining things. I can see him teaching our children many things that I would not have a clue about. I think we make a good team in all that we have done together and accomplished in the past 8 years. When we worked at clinics together for the first couple of years, many people would wonder how we do it. We like being together and doing things together so it seems like parenting will come natural to us too. I believe we will do well together in it, because we have been preparing for it in many ways for years. I cant wait until I get to see him taking care of and loving our own kids. They will be blessed to have him as their daddy!

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