Timeline of Events

-October 9th, 2004 We were married in Monterey, TN and honeymooned in Spain

-June, 2005 We bought our first house and moved to Nashville, TN
-May, 2008 We both graduated with bachelor degrees as Christian Counselors

-May,2009 We both received our Masters as Pastoral Christian Counselors

-2011 God got our attention: We were asked several times to privately adopt a child through different situations even though we had not yet taken the first step to become approved as adoptive parents (home study), however each time it did not work out although we did say yes to each one. These different circumstances (which were rare according to everyone else, but happened often for us) seemed to be the hand of God leading us into our adoption journey and helped us to realize our heart for adoption had grown and we were ready to say yes to bringing a child in need into our home as our son or daughter.

-2011-2012 Begin researching different avenues of adoption such as agencies, international, private adoption and fostering.

- Through out 2012 Got together several times with adoptive families. Through this we learned of many adoption resources and about the experiences of other adoptive families. This is how we found out about Adoption Promises and we felt they were the best match for us since they only do the home study and we had chosen private adoption as the route we wanted to take. It was time begin the first steps toward becoming approved adoptive parents.

-February, 2012 First contact with Adoption Promises. We found out all the information we needed to know to become adoptive parents if we were asked to adopt again. (We had recently been asked to adopt a baby girl that was born addicted to pain medicine and the baby was going to end up in state care if someone did not adopt her. By the time we knew about the situation it was too late to bring her home). Because of that situation, we now knew we needed a home study, the cost of a home study, background checks, medical release, fingerprints, interviews, etc etc. If you get pregnant no one makes sure you are "qualified" to become a parent. When adopting we knew we would have to be "approved". We were all ready to begin going through the "home study" process when....

-March 6, 2012 We found out we were "expecting" and decided to temporarily hold off on further adoption pursuits in the meantime. The due date was to be in  November, so we decided to wait until then to move forward with the adoption process. Ironically, we had just begun to move forward with adoption. We never decided not to adopt we just now thought our child would soon have a sibling, which we still hope will happen.

-May, 2012 Devastation; We found out that the baby we were carrying was no longer growing. His heart had stopped several weeks before...Brokenhearted, we  put everything else on hold while we went through this devastating loss. We spent many months broken and grieving before we could move forward again. Our hearts never changed toward longing for both adopted and biological children.

September, 2012 Received a phone call that caused us to get the ball rolling again and become approved as adoptive parents. There was a 5 day old biracial baby boy that needed a home immediately. We said "YES"!! Excitedly we contacted our social worker with adoption promises to find out all that we would need to do to be able to legally give this baby a home. That situation obviously did not go through, but made us realize we need to be ready because ANY day we could get a call like that.

-October, 2012 Returned to ICD (Institute for Counselor Development) & began taking advanced classes in christian counseling (family counseling, counseling children, pre-marriage) to work on our PhD. Hopefully we will have our doctorate within a year or two. We feel all of these classes are also helping us prepare to be parents

-November, 2012 Began our adoption home study through Adoption Promises

-December, 2012 Completed our adoption home study through Adoption Promises

-January, 2013 Received our official certificate as approved adoptive parents!! Now we are able to legally adopt. We can say YES and give a baby/child in need of a forever family a home. 

February-Now 2013 We are ready; We began sharing the news with everyone that we know. We started this blog so we can let others know that we (and our house) are approved to adopt. We make lots of phone calls about grants, legal questions etc...

-March 2013 The WAIT. The NEED. the CALL (where we currently are at in the process)
Waiting for "The call" that could forever change our lives: for now we WAIT. (with private adoption we do not wait to be "matched"...we wait for God's timing...for Him for the CALL from the one in need, the one we long for& already love so much). It is a leap of faith to say "YES" to adoption...it is another step to let others know that this is the case. That is one purpose in this blog. We know we are being vulnerable to have our hearts broken again (as is part of this journey or has been so far), yet we are compelled to keep our hearts open for the little ones that need us.
Any one of you reading this could know of a situation where their is a NEED for us to be willing to say yes. We are ready. (except for the legal finances that will be thousands of dollars; it does take a village and God will provide through each and every one that chooses to be a part of this child's story). We know that this will be a "divine set-up" when and if it happens. We have done all we can do to prepare. We have counted the cost emotionally, physically. and spiritually.  We will NEED all of the help and support we can get so we are asking for just that: Your prayers, for you to share our story, and if possible help us have the funds that we will need to be able to  adopt. From that first CALL to the day a judge finalizes the paperwork we will NEED money. It is the way it works. Many will connect with our story and sow into this child's life. We say "thank you" in advance! We are already praying for him/or her and can not wait until it all comes together. "WAITING for the CALL"...
-April 2013 A few "possible" possibilities on the horizon: PRAYERS PLEASE!! (also VERY thankful for our first few donations towards our adoption fund recently:)


  1. SO excited for you and can't wait to see God's perfect fulfillment of the desires HE has given you . . . you will both we WONDERFUL parents. Praying for you =)

  2. this helped me get current with your situation, and to know how to pray for you guys...