Letter to Birthparent(s) considering Adoption

From Us to You;
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Dear Birthparent(s), For many years we have prayed for expectant mothers and their babies in similar situations like yours. The decision you are making must be one of the most challenging ones you have ever made. We think of you with great admiration. It would take so much courage for you to make a decision like this for you and your child. We pray that God will give you peace and wisdom as you sort through your options, thoughts and emotions in this time of your life. We have longed for a child of our own for many years, and are so thankful that you have chosen life and are considering adoption for your baby. We believe that all children have a destiny and purpose in this life and if you choose us as adoptive parents we would love to help raise your child in his or hers God given gifts and purpose. We are a loving and supportive couple who have been married for 8 years and gone through many life lessons together, coming through each one learning to love and care for each other and others more. We believe our love, life experience, and education can provide a home that is a nurturing, stable, and caring environment for a baby to be raised in. Our families are also very excited about our decision to adopt and can't wait to have a new child in the family to dote over and love. Thank you for taking time to get to know us and we hope for the opportunity to meet you, Paul and Misty.

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