The cost and expense of rescuing and adopting a child in need of a forever home can seem like an incredible obstacle and at times too great of a hurdle to overcome. A private adoption can cost up to $15,000 in spite of that, we have seen God provide for other adoptions through providence and community and we have faith that He would do the same for the child we have prayed for and love so much, even though we do not know him or her yet. The reality is that even if the adoption cost was a million dollars (although such a cost we be unjust), if He has placed it in our hearts , He will make a way for all provision. That being said if anyone feels led to partner with God and us in our adoption journey through prayer or financial support, investing in the life and future of our adopted child we would greatly appreciate it and we know you will be blessed too. Not all are called to give a child a home, but to do so it does take a village and we hope you will join us in whatever way you are able to be a part of this journey.

Thank you, Paul and Misty

If you are willing to help us financially, donations can be given at the bottom of our home page through the "YOU CARING; LADOPTION FUNDRAISER", or put in directly through PayPal, our account at Regions bank(Paul D. LaGod &/or Misty Dawn LaGod), or contact us at Thank You!! PAYPAL LINK:

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