Frequently asked questions:

Q. How much is the cost of a private adoption?
A. It can be up to $15,000 or more for a private adoption. Believe it or not, this is even less than many other avenues of adoption. It breaks our heart that adoption is expensive. Nonetheless we feel called to it and trust in God's provision. We have seen HIM move in amazing ways to make sure a child has a forever family. There is a lot to do on our part as well, but we have to believe that if He is in this, it will happen and the funds will come in to cover every expense.

Q.Why private adoption?
A. After much prayer we feel like this is the direction God is leading us into. Also, we have spoken to others who have adopted through a private adoption and our hearts connect with their stories because of our experiences where we have been asked to adopt.

Q. Aren't private adoptions more risky?
A. All adoptions have a level of risk to them. For instance a birth mother may back out of an adoption in the middle of the process, which would be both heart breaking and financially difficult. Most of the finances cannot be recouped. Another risk in the case of international adoptions is that the medical records and history of the child may not be known or shared with anyone, including the adoptive parents. There are of course exceptions. With agencies, domestic or international, some agencies will hold on to the funds until a match is made and many international agencies do provide as much information as possible. In the case of private adoption there are lawyers who specialize in finalizing domestic adoptions. Usually in most of these cases a couple is able to get all of the medical history and much of the family history of the child. No one way is perfect nor better. It is just the way we feel in our hearts is right for us & the way we feel God is leading us.

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