Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why we are sharing this with you now.

The reason we are sharing this blog with everyone now is simple; prayer and preparedness. When we received a phone call for a five day old baby in September we realized we were ready but not prepared. What I mean by that is this: although we did say "yes" to adopting that little boy and sadly that situation did not go through, we realized we did not have the funds or preparations in our home in place. When the call comes in for a possible adoptive child it is only a matter of days before we would have that baby in our home, in that time we would need clothes, cribs, bedding, etc but most importantly we would need the ability to pay the attorney for his or her services. We believe that call could come again at anytime and we want to be confident that we can take care of all expenses and have all things necessary for caring for our new little bundle of joy.
 Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and especially for all of your prayers. If you want to help by investing in the life of our child through giving towards his/or her adoption, please visit the donate tab or PayPal button on this site, deposit to Regions bank (into account of Paul & Misty LaGod) or email us at Thank you!!
We love and bless you all,
Paul and Misty LaGod

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